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Relax in vietnam beach

Vietnam coasline, which is 3260 km long, breaks down to numerous fine white sand beaches, from North to South with legendary pristine beauty, clean and clear water, no dangerous fish and no riptiles. Here found some of the Southeast Asia's finest beaches and resorts which offer places of soft white sand, surrounded by warm, turquoise waters filled with an abundance of sea life and dotted with islands.

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Nirvana Spa & Resort
Address : Lang Co Beach, Phu Loc District, Thue Thien - Hue Province, Vietnam From : $ (incl. taxes & service charges)
Tel:+84 (54) 3684700/3684777 Rating :
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Nirvana Spa & ResortLang Co has officially become the 30th member of the “World’s Most Beautiful Bays” club at a ceremony, which was held under the framework of the club’s 5th conference in Setubal, Spain from May 15-17.

The Vietnamese ambassador to France and Spain, Le Kinh Tai, and the Vice Chairman of Thua Thien- Hue provincial People’s Committee, Ngo Hoa, received a membership certificate granted by the club President, Jerome Bignon.

Addressing the ceremony, ambassador Tai expressed his sincere thanks to the club for the recognition, considering it as a great honour to Thua Thien-Hue province in particular and Vietnam in general as well as an important event in the country’s Cultural Diplomacy Year 2009.

The ambassador said that the province has set up an overall and detailed plan on the socio-economic development in the Chan May-Lang Co region, which was approved by the Prime Minister. The ambassador affirmed Vietnam’s strong commitment to preserving and promoting Lang Co in particular and Vietnam’s cultural heritage sites in general.


20 villas are now available. Each villa has 2 floors. Each floor accommodates 2 bed-rooms (2 units).

Executive Suite: Executive Suite (on ground floor) consists of 2 bed-rooms with 1 bath-room each, kitchen, dinning-room, bar, living-room and 1 toilet.

Directorial Suite: Directorial Suite (on first floor) consists of 2 bedrooms with 1 bathroom each, well-equipped spa-room with sauna, steam bath and Jacuzzi combined with spa treatment table and balcony where you can have the sea view.

Superior Room: Superior Room (on ground floor) consists of 1 bed-room with 1 bath-room. Superior Room is a unit of Executive Suite.

Deluxe Room: Deluxe Room (on first floor) consists of 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom and balcony in the confine. Deluxe Room is a unit of Directorial Suite

Deluxe Plus: Deluxe Plus is Deluxe Room but equipped to be a Master Bedroom with high standard automatic sanitation system.

Amenities and facilities in each villa

  • Individual Air conditioning system
  • Satellite TV channels
  • IDD phone
  • MinibarInternet/ Wi-Fi
  • Safety deposit box
  • Tea/coffee making facilities
  • Bathrobes
  • Wardrobe
  • Hair-dryer
  • Hot and cold shower bath
  • Bathroom telephone extension

Restaurant & Bar

3 Region Restaurant (Vietnamese Traditional Food Restaurant) - a celebration of traditional food from 3 regions of Vietnam.

LOTUS RESTAURANT - an emphasis on seafood, where you can select an impressive array of seafood and lagoon food from our all day a-la-carte menu to be prepared by our talented chef.

Menu - We are committed to offering you the most competitive prices for both Set menu and a-la-carte menu


A Nirvana is waiting for you… leave time behind and aboard with us on a journey to paradise of dreams.

Nirvana Essential Oils

An exotic and sacred feeling will invade your soul from your first step into Nirvana Spa suite.

The feeling is created by Nirvana Aroma, a secret-receipt blend of five natural essential oils like frankincense, lavender, rose, lemon and ylang-ylang.

Frankincense: the fragrance of mysterious Orient, symbol of spirit, warmth and peace.

Lavender: the vitalizer of exhausted souls, balancing your energy.

Rose: the king of aroma, the symbol of love, compassion and selflessness. Also a wonderful remedy for the heart-breaks by bringing you back to belief and love.

Lemon: ideal for air refreshing, a vitalizer for your intelligence and feelings.

Ylang-ylang: sweet and charming, both relax your nerves and stimulate your senses.

Besides above effects, this five essential oils are top cures help detoxify and indulge your complexion.

These essential oils when blended with other foundation oils like sweet almond, safflower and wheat sprout will lighten and lift-up your skin.

Nirvana Therapy

Your body is the temple that frames your mind and spirit. Four hands of female (yin) and male (yang) therapists will open the temple’s door, then… you will be in Nirvana for more than one hour.

Nirvana - Four season Bath

Did you ever notice that green mountains far far away? Long time ago, the locals knew how to make cures from highland herbs. Once having chance to visit Con market in Da Nang city, please do not forget to drop in fresh and dried herb shops.

Learning from local experience, we now select seasonal herbs (fresh and dried) to offer you this four season bath.

Take a look and enjoy the fragrance of herbs on the tub-side (bring some green home as souvenir if you like). When combined by a certain amount, these herbs will promote your health and beauty, release stress and perfume your body.

Tired after a long journey? Or wonder how the locals remedy? Let our bath answer you.

Nirvana - Facial Care

This care is unique because of its 100% natural ingredients, selected by the locals basing on their thousand-year experience. After 60 minute treatment, your skin will surely become brighter, smoother and younger looking.

We serve both genders. If you are a gentleman with a never-been-cared-before face, try this service once and see how you are right when choosing this therapy.

Your face, neck and upper-breast will be first deeply scrubbed with silk bag containing red bean powder. The combination of smooth silk and bean will bring you miraculous feelings that no other facial creams can do. The bean powder lefts a layer that helps remove all skin residues.

Cucumber juice then will be applied to help balance your skin. Lissome and soft movements of therapist’s hands will release your stress and help prepare your skin to receive nourishments of facial masks made from oat, jasmine, rose, honey, etc… Last care will be application of essential oils that lift and vitalize skin cells such as frankincense, rose, etc…

100% natural ingredients

All Nirvana attars and aromas are home-blended extracts from natural floral oils. Body and Facial care ingredients are hand-made and nature-originated.

Fresh and dried herb cures for sauna and Jacuzzi are gathered by locals in the forest and home gardens.

All fabrics are made of an array of natural materials like cotton, silk, linen, which give soft, cool and absorptive feelings.

Native cultural vestiges

Therapy blankets are hand-made by Thai ethnic girls. The cottons are gathered from rice-flower trees (a wooden-trunk plant with red blooms growing in Northern highland and delta villages).

Tea-sets and spa-wares are made of the famous CHU DAU ceramic, which features the local cultural print. Take a cup of tea, enjoy the beauty of cracking and dimly-white glaze associated with the typical floral and butterfly patterns of CHU DAU ceramic, you will get more than spa experience as to know about a simple and fine Vietnamese cultural beauty.

The antique-like copper basins help us recall the old time of a native lifestyle.

Table cloths and spa uniforms are decorated with embroidery patterns that carry Vietnamese culture hints.

All the culture vestiges are sketchy but consistent enough to remind the soul of a country

How much?

Validity Until 31 December 2009

Room type Single Double Triple
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