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Relax in vietnam beach

Vietnam coasline, which is 3260 km long, breaks down to numerous fine white sand beaches, from North to South with legendary pristine beauty, clean and clear water, no dangerous fish and no riptiles. Here found some of the Southeast Asia's finest beaches and resorts which offer places of soft white sand, surrounded by warm, turquoise waters filled with an abundance of sea life and dotted with islands.

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Ki-em art house resort
Address : Dong Hai - Ninh Hai - Ninh Hoa - Hon Khoi, Khanh Hoa province, Vietnam From : 95$ (incl. taxes & service charges)
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Ki-em art house resortThe house by the sea is old, so old that its owner, the abstract Vietnamese-German artist known as Ki-em, has no idea of its real age.

Some 50 km north of Nha Trang, an immense field of salt runs along beside the street. The house is located on the shore at the end of a village road.

A women bamboo screen give on to a green garden whit rows of coconut palms and guavas dripping whit fruit. Standing among them are terracotta pots of all sizes, used to store fresh water or process fish sauce in this salty region where Ki-em's childhood memories reside.

The lamp standards look like 15th century Cham towers. A brick wall stands in middle of the garden, facing out to sea. It is piece of installation art which can be seen from far away.

"Everything here I have collected, inspired by memories of my homeland, and times of hardship in my life," said Ki-em.
It all gave me the feeling of returning to my own childhood home-walking along the beach in the morning, swimming in the sea, having a freshwater bath in the garden, falling asleep on a swinging hammock.

An open pavilion serves simple food: rice whit salt flavoured with sweet basil, claypot meat and fish, colour sticky rice. In the evening we barbecued seafood on a blazing fire, lulled by the lapping waves.


There's a contemporary art gallery exhibition

A very nice Traditional antique house museum - unique in the region

A hall reserved for about 20 people, appropriate for companies to hold brainstorming seminars or workshops

A gift shop, coffee shop, fax and internet service

A big garden for children activities as : playing, drawing, reading etc...

An ideal place for artists painting or composing. An art gallery for daily works exhibition with the following activities: Learning about modern art with artist Ki-em, displaying some works of artist Le Trieu Dien and poet Hong Linh

One of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Khanh Hoa province

Being guided to visit salt fields in Hon Khoi - well-known for salt for over last 100 years. Being guided to visit the fishing village Dong Hai.

Helping visitors reserve cars from Cam Ranh airport or from Nha Trang city

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Validity Until 31 Apr.2009

Room type Single Double Triple
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Sea View Villa $190 $190 Book now !

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