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Set Departures Luang Prabang - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Sa Pa - Dien Bien Phu

Highlight: Thailand - Laos - Hooey Xay - Mekong Cruise - Luang Prabang - Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars) - Nam Can border - Hanoi - Ha Long Bay - Lao Cai - Sa Pa - Visit Dien Bien Phu - Hooey Xay (Laos)


 Luang Prabang - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Sa Pa - Dien Bien PhuIntroducing Vietnam
Welcome to a world where the colours are more vivid, where the landscapes are bolder, the coastline more dramatic, where the history is more compelling, where the tastes are more divine, where life is lived in the fast lane. This world is Vietnam, the latest Asian dragon to awake from its slumber.


Nature has blessed Vietnam with a bountiful harvest of soaring mountains, a killer coastline and radiant rice fields, Vietnam is a cracker. Inland, peasant women in conical hats still tend to their fields, children ride buffalos along country paths and minority people scratch out a living from impossible gradients.


Vietnam is a nation of determined optimists who have weathered war after war, survived colonialism and communism, and are now getting to grips with the wheeler-dealer world of capitalism. Fiercely protective of their independence and sovereignty, the Vietnamese are graciously welcoming of foreigners who come as guests not conquerors.


Don’t believe the hype. Or the propagandist party billboards that are as common as statues of ‘Uncle Ho’. Believe your senses, as you discover one of the most enriching, enlivening and exotic countries on earth.


To escape the buzz of millions of motorbikes, head west to the watery landscape of green fields and sleepy villages in the Mekong Delta. There’s adventure galore to be had on Phu Quoc Island and stunning white-sand beaches to relax on. Back on the east coast at Mui Ne Beach, you’ll be faced with a similar dilemma: action or inertia?


Hoi An might weigh you down - but in a good way - you’re bound to add kilos of made-to-order clothing to your luggage. With an estimated 300 to 500 tailors working in this beautiful city, this is fashionista heaven.


To feel the intellectual, cultural and spiritual heartbeat of Vietnam, make a stop in the old imperial capital, Hué. Home to palaces and pagodas, tombs and temples, and host of the biennial arts festival, the Festival of Hué, it’s the place to go for historical, cultural and culinary stimulation.


In Hanoi, the country’s captivating capital, rise early to watch the city exercise by Hoan Kiem Lake, then pay your respects in person to Uncle Ho at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum (a truly surreal experience). See if you can locate ‘pickled fish street’ in the Old Quarter (it’s somewhere near ‘wooden bowls street’), and cool off with draught beer at ‘bia hoi junction’ (a truly rewarding experience).


Eventually you’ll be enticed out of the city by the stunning offerings of the country’s northern provinces. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of Halong Bay and its 2000 limestone karsts, nor the experience of trekking around mountainous Sapa.


Vietnam has it all. Go expecting the unexpected, be ready for an adventure as much as a holiday, and Vietnam will deliver.


Introducing Laos

After years of war and isolation, Southeast Asia’s most pristine environment, intact cultures and quite possibly the most chilled-out people on earth mean destination Laos is fast earning cult status among travellers. It is developing quickly but still has much of the tradition that has sadly disappeared elsewhere in the region. Village life is refreshingly simple and even in Vientiane it’s hard to believe this sort of languid riverfront life exists in a national capital. Then, of course, there is the historic royal city of Luang Prabang, where watching as hundreds of saffron-robed monks move silently among centuries-old monasteries is as romantic a scene as you’ll experience anywhere in Asia.


Away from the cities, there is so much more to see; the Plain of Jars in Xieng Khuang Province, the forested mountains of Northern Laos, the gothic limestone karsts around the backpacker-haven Vang Vieng and in the deep south, past the market town Pakse, is Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands), where the mighty Mekong spreads out and all the hammocks are taken.


The Lao wilderness is drawing travellers looking for nature, adventure or both. Kayaking, rafting, rock-climbing and biking are all available, but it’s the community-based trekking that is most popular because it combines spectacular natural attractions with the chance to experience the ‘real Laos’ with a village homestay – while spending your money where it’s needed most.


There is undoubtedly a growing tourist trail in Laos, but that just means there’s plenty of roads off Rte 13 where you can make your own trail. After all, half the fun of travelling here is in the travel itself – the people you meet, chickens you share seats with, wrong turns you take and lào-láo you drink with the smiling family at the end of the road less travelled.


Introducing Thailand

Now a days the most preferred tour among the people of the world. Thailand tours would be a great pleasure to every category of the tourist as this Thailand tourism has a lot to offer to its visitors in terms of culture, tradition, hospitality, entertainment, adventure, nightlife, shopping and what not.


Thailand Tours
It is gradually recognized as a significant tourist destination not only among the Asians but also all over the world. Tours to Thailand would feature a lot of options for the tourists. Thailand hotels give a wide range of options for the guest’s stay. As on the one hand you will find the cheap Thailand hotels on the other hand you will have a wide range of luxury Thailand hotels. There is no limit to the Thailand tourist attractions on your vacations in Thailand. The tourists are hardly able to decide as what to watch and what to leave. From the zoological gardens to the beaches and from misty mountains to the plains Thailand is the destination to reckon with.

The local markets, the serpentine streets and the local people are a delight and a real charm to watch. The Grand Palace, Bangkok and the night bazaar, Chiang Mai are the two places that a tourist should not miss out. Thailand tours involves Pattaya as one of the proliferating tourist destinations in terms of popularity.

The great restaurants and the nightlife are the part and parcel of a good Thailand Tour. The temples and the shrines reflect the blend of Hinduism and Islam that is rarely found in other parts of the world. Watch the grandeur of the Royal palaces of Thailand and the museums that reflect the history of Thailand. The flower garden and the plenty of places of natural beauty make Thailand one of the most sought after destinations in the world.


Shopping in Thailand is yet another pleasure for the shop freaks on their Thailand tour Bangkok offers a lot of shopping points and malls where the guests can collect souvenirs and keep it as it is going to become the mark of their most memorable and pleasant memories of Thailand holidays. After a hard and tiresome day of shopping, sightseeing and adventure activities one is bound to get hungry.

Thailand tours features some of the best restaurants and food & beverage outlets for tourists. Taste the most delectable cuisines prepared using the finest condiments and spices. Menu offered includes Thai, Chinese, European and Japanese fare. In the evening take a stroll at the Phuket beach on your Thailand vacations. After a visit to this lovely place your tours to Thailand is sure to become the most endearing one.

Green Trail Tours provides the full information on Tours to Thailand . Make your Thailand travel a memorable with the handy information available about Thailand vacation. Thailand tourism has so much to offer that your Thailand holiday would be really enjoyable for you.

Introducing Cambodia
Cambodia, which was previously known as Kampuchea is located at the South East Asia. With a population of above thirteen million, this country is one of the most visited destinations of the world. The capital city of the country is Phnom Peh. The Geography of Cambodia is quite varied. This country borders with the neighboring countries like Thailand in the north and east, Laos in the north east and Vietnam in the east and southeastern part. Cambodia is distinctly marked by the special feature of lacustrine plain. The landscape of Cambodia is dominated by the Mekong River. Rice cultivation in huge amount can be seen in this place. The climatic conditions and the landscape favor the growing of rice in this country.

Cambodia is marked by the tropical monsoons. The country is marked by the presence of two distinct seasons- rainy season and dry season. The rainy season is between May to October. The dry season can be experienced during November to April. The best season to visit Cambodia is between November to January, when the humidity level remains low. The wild life of Cambodia is quite rich and interesting. You can find wide array of flora and fauna in this place. The Kting Voar, which is the snake eating cow, is the special attraction of the place.

Cambodia includes a Constitutional monarchy. The Cambodian people speak Khmer language. The currency that is in use in this country is that of Riel.

The Culture of Cambodia is rich and varied. Cambodia shows characteristic styles of dance, sculpture and architecture. You can find numerous temples and historic sites in this country. The Angkor Vat temple depicts the architectural excellence of the craftsmen. Some other important sites include Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Choeung Ek and others. Sightseeing can be an important activity in Cambodia. Cambodia celebrates various festivals and occasions with great pomp and glory. Some of the popular games of Cambodia include cock fighting and soccer.

Cambodia is served by the presence of four major airports- Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Riep Angkor VAT International Airport, Sihanoukville Airport and Battambang Airport. The transportation system of Cambodia is very convenient and easy and draws large number of visitors from all over the world. The country has two major rail lines. The various modes of transportation connect Cambodia with various cities and countries.

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Introducing Myanmar/Burma

‘This is Burma’, wrote Kipling. ‘It is quite unlike any place you know about.’ How right he was, and more than a century later Myanmar remains a world apart. Contemplate 4000 sacred stupas scattered across the plains of Bagan. Stare in disbelief at the golden rock teetering impossibly on the edge of a chasm. Encounter men wearing skirt-like longyi, women smothered in thanaka (traditional make-up) and betel-chewing grannies with blood red juices dripping from their mouths – and that’s just the airport! Meet the multitalented monks who have taught their cats to jump. Ride a Wild West stagecoach past grand British mansions. Trade jokes about the rulers who move capitals on the whim of a fortune teller. Indeed, this is Burma.

Isolated and ostracised by the international community, the country is in the grip of tyrants. Most travellers avoid a visit, backing the boycott, but the long-suffering people are everything the regime is not. Gentle, humorous, engaging, considerate and inquisitive, they want to play a part in the world, and deserve a brighter future. Turn back the clock with a trip to this time-warped country where the adventure travel of old lives on. This is the authentic Asia with creaking buses, potholed roads, locals who greet you like long lost family and not a 7-Eleven in sight. Forget the internet for a moment and connect with a culture where holy men are more revered than rock stars and golden buddhas are bathed every day at first light – in Mandalay, the Mahamuni Paya houses a buddha re-covered in gold leaf daily. Drift down the Ayeyarwady in an old river steamer, stake out a slice of Ngapali Beach or Ngwe Saung on the blissful Bay of Bengal, trek through pine forests to minority villages around Kalaw – there are so many experiences awaiting in Myanmar that one trip is simply never enough. It’s a country that fuels your emotions, stimulates your senses and stays in your soul.


Detailed Itinerary

Luang Prabang - Hanoi - Halong Bay - Sa Pa - Dien Bien Phu

Detail Itinerary

Day1. Thailand - Laos

Arrival in Hooey Xay (Laos) from Chiangkhong (Thailand) then transfer to Mekong Lao hotel. Dinner and overnight at Mekong Lao hotel
Overnight: at Mekong Lao hotel (standard class)
Meals: Dinner at Mekong view restaurant

Day2. Hooey Xay - Mekong Cruise - Luang Prabang

Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to boat pier at 7:00 AM. Cruise down the Mekong River to Luang Prabang. A trip down the Mekong River is like none other! It will take you through the river forms in which you will have a chance to see the lifeblood of the communities and people. From there you will find occasional fishermen, people bathing or washing clothes and perhaps a water buffalo cooling off. The river is shrouded in timelessness. Lunch on the boat
Arrive in Luang Prabang late afternoon, transfer to hotel. Dinner and overnight at Muang Luang hotel or similar
Overnight: at Muang Luang hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch on the boat, Dinner at local restaurant

Day3. City tour in Luang Prabang (UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

Breakfast at hotel. visit temples, National museum (the former King palace) visit weaving textie villages. Visit Phousi hill and overlooking Mekong view. return to hotel, dinner
Overnight: at Muang Luang hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch at Mekong view restaurant, Dinner at hotel

Day4. Luang Prabang - Xieng Khouang (Plain of Jars)

Breakfast at hotel. Excursion to Xieng Khouang through Sala Phoukhoune.
Visit plain of Jars. Dinner and overnight at Malee hotel or similar
Overnight: at Malee hotel (standard class)
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch at Sala Phoukhoune, Dinner at local restaurant

Day5. Plain of Jars - Nam Can border - Hanoi

Breakfast at hotel. Visit Plain of Jars and excursion to Nam Can border departure to Vietnam, drive along the National road No.1 to Hanoi. The drive is long and difficult at times but we can make stop as you please, to stretch your legs and catch some photos. We arrive in Hanoi by early or late evening depending on roads and traffic conditions.
Dinner and overnight at ATS hotel or similar
Overnight: at ATS hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurant

Day6. Hanoi - Halong Bay

Breakfast at hotel. Take a short drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay passing by the scenic countryside. On arrival we board a traditional boat for a five hour trip around this natural wonder. The exciting cruise provides us a fantastic view of picturesque scenery blending the sky and some 3,000 limestone islands rising amazingly from the clear and emerald water. These limestone karts formations are littered with beaches, grottoes and beautiful caves. We have a huge seafood lunch served on board and continue sailing out. Along the way we will anchor for a leisurely swim in a secluded cove and an enjoyable visit to one of the many hidden grottoes beneath towering cliffs.
Overnight: at Halong Bay hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurant

Day7. Halong - Hanoi - Lao Cai

Breakfast at hotel. Take a short drive return to Hanoi from Halong Bay, today we spend a full day exploring the charming Hanoi city. The first stop is Ho Chi Minh Complex containing the mausoleum of nation's founder Ho Chi Minh, the Presidential Palace and Ho Chi Minh's house on stilts. Close to this complex is the one pillar Pagoda, whose origins date back to the foundation of city. We follow it with a visit to the temple of Literature, which is well known as the first University of Vietnam and the History Museum with an excellent collection of artifacts illustrating the Vietnamese history. The sightseeing also includes the outlaying Ethnologic museum, dedicate to Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups. Afterwards we drive back to the city center, stopping at the Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple. They are some major highlights set by the beautiful west lake. We see these sights before continuing to the peaceful lake of Hoan Kiem with its sacred temple. In front of this lake is the famous water puppet theatre where we will see a fantastic performance. Evening transfer to the train station for a night train from Hanoi to Lao Cai
Overnight: overnight on board (soft sleeper cabin for 4 pax)
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurant

Day8. Lao Cai - Sa Pa

The train journey will deliver us at Lao Cai station by early morning. We are greeted by our local guide and embark on our waiting car for a short drive to Sa Pa. the hill station of Sa Pa was founded in early last century and rapidly became an ideal place for anyone seeking an enjoyable escape from the unbearable heat in plains. At an elevation of 1,500 meters, it has some warm days and cool evenings. Today we can soak up the fresh climate as much as you want by spending the time to wander around and catch the first look of Sa Pa. the ethnic minority people are frequently seen in this hill town and small vendors along the street sell local textiles and handicrafts. We then get well off the beaten tracks as we embark on a walk to explore this beautiful mountain region. Along the way we traverses the rustic villages of Lao Chai and Ta Van, and see many mountaineers doing their daily works such as logging, herding buffalo and tilling the field. The blend of verdant mountain backdrop and colorful population makes for an unimaginable view.
Dinner and overnight at Auberge Dang Trung hotel
Overnight: at Auberge Dang Trung hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurant

Day9. Sa Pa - Dien Bien Phu

The mountain range of Phan Si Pan boasts Vietnam's highest peak and lends an alpine feel to the area surrounding this hill station. Today we visit the bustling Sa Pa Market where the Red Dao, Black H'Mong, Tay and Xa Pho ethnic minorities converge from the nearby mountainsides and valleys to trade their goods and buy provisions.
Upon leaving Sa Pa we visit waterfalls, lunch at Lai Chau, arrive in Dien Bien in early evening
Overnight: at Hanoi Dien Bien hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurant

Day10. Visit Dien Bien Phu

The fast growing town of Dien Bien was one the site of decisive battle in Vietnam’s struggle for independence in 1954. today we drive around to see this town and make stop to visit Dien Bien Phu museum which details the event in place. We follow it with a visit to the strategic hill A1 and the old battle field where the lush vegetation grows behind many war relics including old French tanks and artillery pieces, visit Vo Nguyen Giap Camp and Bunker, visit French Gen. De Castries Bunker. The next stop is the Dien Bien population victory monument which provides a fantastic view over the Muong Thanh Lai Chau province valley, heading off the town to countryside to visit the origins of Thai Dam (Black Thai) village, return to visit local Market and return to hotel.
Overnight: at Hanoi Dien Bien hotel**
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch and Dinner at local restaurant

Day11. Dien Bien Phu - Hooey Xay (Laos)

After breakfast at hotel, transfer to TayTrang border and departure to Laos. Driving through Muang Khwa. Lunch at Oudomxay, continue driving through Luang Namtha to Hooey Xay. Arrive in early evening, check in hotel, dinner.
Overnight: at Mekong Lao hotel (standard class)
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, Lunch at local restaurant, Dinner at hotel

Day12. Hooey Xay - Departure

After breakfast at hotel, walking (500 meters) to visit local Market, return to hotel and then transfer to boat pier, departure to Chiangkhong, Thailand.
Meals: Breakfast at hotel.


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  • Accommodation based on double/twin share

  • All American breakfast served in hotels

  • All private vehicles with chauffeurs

  • All internal flights specified in the tour

  • Private local tour guides (on-spot)

  • Other meals included in the tour

  • Entrance and visiting fees

  • Boat trip if specified in the tour

  • Mineral water during the tour




  • Visa to Vietnam (tourists must obtain before traveling to Vietnam)

  • International flights to and from Vietnam

  • Airport departure tax if required

  • Travel insurance (trip, medical and personal)

  • Daily personal expenses

  • Early check-in or late check-out at hotels

  • Tip and gratuity for local tour guides and drivers during the tour


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